Find The Right Class | Class Descriptions

Peace + Rest Yoga

We will practice gentle movements + floor-based postures with lots of props (we have blankets, blocks, belts, and bolsters). Bring anything else that you would like. This class is highly restorative in nature.  We will focus on nourishing + grounding breathwork, individualized + adaptable yoga postures, and slow + revitalizing movements.

Expect candlelight,  warm blankets, slow + supported movements, restfulness, and a space to release into the support of the restorative practice. This practice is suitable for anyone who would like to participate.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is designed to embrace stillness in the body to allow for space. It's an accessible yoga practice that explores the inner workings of your mind-body-soul through slow movement and deep stillness. You will be invited to remain in each posture for 2-5 minutes (or longer) to stimulate the deep connective tissues surrounding the joints and ligaments, thereby increasing mobility, stability, and overall vitality.

Yin Yoga postures and sequences are designed specifically to loosen deep energetic stagnations, which will allow for a greater sense of balance, flow, and calm energy. This class is the perfect complement to a more active style of yoga OR a yang lifestyle, plus it's great for beginners and advanced yogis alike!

Mat Pilates

Pilates is a method of movement that trains the body and mind. It builds lean toned muscles while promoting realignment, strength, agility, flexibility, and mind-to-body connections. The exercises in this class require you to engage your whole body. You will challenge your muscles in a variety of ways enhancing balance and flexibility, and strengthening the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back.

This is a beginner to intermediate pilates mat class. It is a perfect class for beginners, those starting again, or those with a regular practice. You are welcome to join class with whatever strength you have, a strong core is not a requirement but is often a product of regular practice. There are modifications offered making this class accessible, effective, and enjoyable.

Join Kate on the mat Tuesday and Friday mornings. She is ready to lead you through a workout that leaves you walking out feeling better, and taller!

Yoga Foundations

This yoga class is geared towards the new or ongoing student who is looking to move and tune into their body. It is taught at a slower pace to allow you to understand the poses, explore alignment in your own unique body, and connect to your breath, all while building strength, flexibility, and awareness.

This is class is perfect to build a strong foundation, create confidence on your mat, and thrive in your yoga practice on and off the mat.

Yoga For Health

This class is a fusion of Qigong + Yoga. The movements in this practice are mindful, nourishing, simple, yet challenging. We often begin with a Qigong moving warm-up and as class progresses, we find more stillness.

This practice cultivates focus, attention, interest, and a deep sense of ease and harmony.

Accessible Yoga

In this class we will explore breath, meditation + movement as they connect to the body, mind, and spirit. We will have the option to practice from a chair, wall, and/or the floor as it suits our body.

We will practice challenging ourselves without straining. Throughout class, we will explore the relationship between physical practices and subtle practices such as - Breathing techniques, energy awareness practices, meditation, and rest + relaxation practices.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow yoga is a class focused to developing the fundamentals of breath-to-movement synchronization.  With a focus on alignment, personal modifications,  and breathing techniques, this class will introduce beginners to traditional yoga practice, and refine any yogi’s practice.  The balance of breath and body will help you find a moving meditation on your mat, the benefits of which will be carried into other areas of your life.

Strong Flow

This class will take you through an energetic vinyasa flow to harness and ground the energy of the day. We will integrate strength, flexibility, and concentration through a series of traditional postures linked together through breath and movement. You can expect the use of intentionally sequenced continuous movement with breathwork to destress from the day with each class ending in a guided meditation savasana

In each class, we will practice unique sequencing including; balancing, hip opening, and overall stretching. This practice is best for students with an established practice - plan to heat up and work your body.


Gentle Yoga (Pop-Up Class)

Join our gentle yoga class, perfect for beginners, where we focus on slow movements aimed at improving flexibility and range of motion. We embrace an unhurried pace, connecting each movement with the rhythm of your breath.

This class is an invitation to experience the beauty of low-impact, mindful stretching, guided breathwork, and moments of restful pause that promote a sense of calmness and stillness.

Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga (Pop-Up Class)

Surrounded by the glow of candlelight, we will start and end our practice with guided meditation followed by connecting and flowing movements.  Expect a challenge as we move from holding postures into flowing movements, allowing the breath to guide our timing.

Shake It Off | Tension + Trauma Releasing Practices (Pop-Up Class)

TRE® is a series of 7 simple exercises that manually turn on your body's innate tremoring mechanism. This "neurogenic shaking" arises from the nervous system, and offers relief from daily stress, physical pain, emotional distress, and trauma. This class is taught on a mat, and at the wall and is accessible to those needing modifications.

TRE provides you with a unique body-based entry point to release muscular tension, re-regulate your nervous system & enhance your creativity & coping capacity using your body's own innate recovery reflex. TRE is simple & efficient and has a profound effect on both our body & mind. TRE offers much more than just a 'stress release' technique as it provides a pathway to optimal performance and ongoing growth & development in all areas of our life.

Once you learn the exercises from a certified TRE® provider and feel comfortable regulating yourself, you can safely practice TRE® on your own. Think of it as a self-nurturing + self-treatment that serves you for a lifetime.

Angie is a Certified TRE Practitioner.

Mindfulness + Meditation (Pop-Up Class)

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, a practice of learning to strengthen our presence. In this class, we will explore moving + seated meditation, open awareness, and a body scan. This class is awesome for beginners and for those with an ongoing practice.