Angie Corogin (1)

Angie Corogin

Integrative Health Coach | Tension + Trauma Releasing Practitioner | Breathwork Facilitator | Mindfulness Educator + Coach

Angie's coaching is an art of alchemy combining somatic body-based practices, nutritional science, and spiritual development. She works with people of all ages (including kids) and uses a combination of research-based modalities to help you help yourself first improve, and ultimately heal the root cause of your suffering or illness.

How to work with Angie:

Book a free 20 minutes consult call, let's see how we fit, send me an email with a few deets - who you are, what you want to explore, and anything else important right now. Coaching is available virtually or in-person at Wildlight in Grand Rapids.


FREE 20-minute consult call.
60 minutes - Integrative Health Coaching
60 minutes - Breathwork Session
60 minutes - Tension + Trauma Releasing Session (TRE)
60 minutes - Private Yoga Session

All services are offered at $99. Contact Angie to set up a consult call or to schedule.

Angie loves to learn. Here is some of her relevant Training + Education:

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher (Level II, Brown University)
  • Advanced Nutrition Science Certification (Stanford University)
  • Ohio Licensed Intervention Specialist (K-12 at-risk youth)
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach (Cleveland Clinic)
  • 2500+ hours of training in mind + somatic (body) based practices such as yoga, qigong, breathwork, neurogenic tremoring (TRE), mindfulness (MBSR), Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and muscle testing.