Angie Corogin

Angie Corogin

Owner / Founder / Teacher

Angie teaches yoga, qigong, mindfulness, breathwork, and is a Community Event Leader.

Angie leads each of her classes with a full-dose of heartfulness.   She wants her students to grow their ability to listen to the wisdom in their body. She loves being able to witness others THRIVE.

Angie has 3000+ hours of training in yoga, mindfulness (MBSR), qigong, TCM, trauma-releasing practices (TRE), and breathwork. Join her for a class, which is a fusion of energy work, mindfulness, strong, still, + flowing movements, intelligent sequencing, healing breath, synergy, and togetherness.

"A rising tide lifts all boats, all aboard!!" 

Kate Daniels 2

Kate Daniels

Pilates teacher

Meet Kate Daniels

Kate teaches Mat Pilates.

Kate is certified in Beginner to Intermediate Mat Pilates by Christina Short (Short Method) at Glass City Pilates. Pilates became a part of her life 10 years ago when she was introduced to the practice in a Pilates Prenatal class during her first pregnancy.

In her classes, Kate teaches the foundations and key principles of the exercises, with attention to alignment and safety. She incorporates both classical and contemporary Pilates in her classes, and you will recognize the occasional yoga pose too!

Kate is passionate about teaching Pilates and experiences great joy in leading people of all ages through workouts that leave them feeling better than when they started.

When off the mat you will find her teaching piano, learning about health and nutrition, cooking, or hanging out with her precious family of four. The beach has always been her happy place, but now she includes the local metro parks and Maumee River!

Kate is inspired to greet each day with gratitude, every day can be a good day.

“There is no happiness - happiness is the way” Thich Nhat Hahn

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Nailya Weber

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Meet Nailya Weber

Nailya teaches Slow Flow Yoga + Yoga Foundations.

Nailya is a Tatar girl from Kazan, Russia. She came to USA 11 years ago for a summer job on Middle Bass Island and has made NW Ohio home! Nailya began her yoga practice 10 years ago. She loved how good yoga was for her body and mind and wanted to be able to share it with others. Nailya has completed her Level 1 YogaFit Yoga Training and is pursuing completion of her RYT200.

When you take class with Nailya you can expect longer holds (8-10 breath) and also opportunities to flow and move.

Nailya enjoys spending time with her family (walking, riding bikes, canoeing down the Maumee river), gardening, photography, raising Monarch butterflies, traveling, inviting friends over for a meal or just some tea, cooking and baking.

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Chelsea Cloeter

Chair Yoga Teacher

Meet Cathy Blatchly

Chelsea is a Chair Yoga Teacher + Community Event Leader

Chelsea teaches a variety of styles of yoga and leads workshops on self-care and mindfulness. She is also a singer and a dancer. Having taught voice for many years, she has a deep sense of breathwork that infuses all of her yoga instruction. With a 500-hour yoga certification, she has a rich understanding of anatomy and yoga philosophy; her Reiki practice also leads her to listen and respond intuitively.

Chelsea recognizes the power of our inner wisdom and the mind-body connection to bring healing and balance to our lives, and she accesses this spiritual center to guide her students to wholeness..

Alycia Buegner

Alycia Buenger

Gentle + Yin Yoga Teacher

Meet Alycia Buenger

Alycia teaches Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga,and is a Community Event Leader.

Alycia started practicing yoga as a kid, when she thought "ballet dancer" would be her future job title. She decided to pursue yoga teaching after feeling supported and nourished by prenatal yoga classes (and during the deeply transformative time of entering single motherhood at 22).

Alycia trained in Hatha Yoga with Kathie Jaskolski in 2015. She continues her training in Yin Yoga + Meditation with Josh Summers (since 2017). Alycia hopes her students will experience a sacred container of support within her classes, where people are welcome to release the hard parts of the day to embrace the fullness of who they want to be (and who they already are).

Alycia spends her days homeschooling and adventuring with her daughters, reading and writing for work, and having deep-dive conversations with anyone that she meets! She lives in Waterville with her husband and two kids.

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Shannon Dusseau


Meet Shannon Dusseau

In class with Shannon, expect mindful movements connected to the breath. Shannon found a place of healing in yoga and wants others to be able to find their authentic practice and the power of yoga for themselves.

Shannon is RYT200 and is currently in school to complete her RYT300. She has also begun her path studying with YogaFit and has completed Level 1 training. Shannon has a strong home practice and began practicing yoga 8 years ago while pregnant with her first child. Shannon has an ongoing passion to learn more about yoga, philosophy, herbalism, and more! Always on the go with three children, two stepchildren, and a supportive husband; she loves her family. Shannon wants students to come to her classes knowing they can lay down their stress and connect to mindful movement and their breath, tapping into the joy of yoga.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita.
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Katya Seymour

Sound Ceremonies + Workshops

Meet Katya Seymour

Katya leads Sound Ceremonies + Workshops.

Katya Seymour E-RYT 200 YACEP ; Sound Therapist ; Gong Yoga Nidra Practitioner.

Passionate about yoga, sound and movement, Katya is creative by nature. Leading with humor, compassion and integrity, she reminds you that you belong exactly as you are no matter where you are. Her Ukrainian roots and multicultural upbringing have fueled her wanderlust and thirst for all forms of communication.

As a teacher, Katya is mindful and engaging, her classes and workshops are a sensory experience meant to evoke your own creative potential. Her teaching style is focused on alignment, fluidity of transition, movement intelligence and artful expression.

As a Sound Therapy Practitioner, Katya uses a variety of high vibrational instruments to take you on a journey through sound and closer to your true essence.


Erica Wheeler

Group Coaching + Community Event Leader

Meet Erica Wheeler

Erica is a Functional Medicine Health Coach. She facilitates Community Events and Wildlight Book Club on Thursday evenings, and teaches workshops on the weekends.

Erica has been in both traditional healthcare and the alternative wellness space for a total of 15 years. After years of struggling with her own health issues she found Functional Medicine and emotional release therapies. The journey of her own healing lead her to transition from traditional health care and to dive deeper into the world of functional medicine and alternative care.

From a career in radiology to becoming certified in Functional Medicine Health Coaching Erica now has a passion for empowering others along their own journey to better health and wellness. She is passionate about educating and empowering clients with the knowledge and tools they need to become their own healers.

She truly believes we all have the power to achieve better health both emotionally and physically.

When Erica isnt helping others you can find her traveling with her husband and enjoying nature.


Rosie Montague

Sound Immersions + Community Event Leader

Meet Rosie Montague

Rosie is an Ingham-trained Reflexologist + Acutonics sound alchemist.

Rosie incorporates the use of vibrational tools such as tuning forks on the eight extraordinary points of the body. She uses other instruments to impact the human biofield such as gongs, and bowls to deeply harmonize + balance the body's energy.

Rosie wishes to impart a greater understanding of the mind-body connection to her students. She believes in the inherent wisdom that resides in every cell of our being. When in class with Rosie, she invites you to come back to this elevated awareness.

Rosie spends her morning communing in nature, observing, witnessing beauty, and in meditation. Rosie lives by these words… “Follow your heart, it's the only compass you need.”

More team members coming soon!