Our Commitment to You

Our mission is to bring together people from our community by delivering an authentic + accessible studio experience, offering community classes, and by cultivating genuine relationships with one another.

Our sincere hope is that our studio offerings empower people to care for themselves + to love one another more fully. We are a community of people that are committed to creativity, intuition, and holistic wellbeing.

At the core at Wildlight, we live true by our values.

  • Kindness | This is an inside job, learning to be kind to in our thinking, in our hearts, and to others in our life. We are committed to doing the kindest thing possible in each moment.
  • Friendliness | We welcome you, as you are, with a warm + heartfelt smile.
  • Integrity | We do what we say we will do. We teach from the heart, for the heart
  • Honesty | Truthful, kind, open, accepting, + free.
  • Humility | Practice humility, give credit where credit is due and accept full responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Learning | Committed to being forever students. We are each learning and striving to better ourselves and our company/community.
  • Stewardship | Always giving more than we are taking. We are passionate about giving back to our community and will contribute to make our community and members lives better.
  • Devoted | To health. To service. To being our best selves.